Gui4j is a framework for describing graphical user interfaces completely in XML. The graphical user interface is created dynamically based on the xml definition.
Each GUI window is associated to exactly one top-level xml-file which can be defined using other xml-files. The top-level xml-file is read by one controller and each included xml-file might use another controller to structure complex GUI definitions.
There is a strong separation between the GUI and the Java code which implies that GUI definitions in the xml files can access Java methods, but Java methods cannot access GUI elements.

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Joachim Schmidjoachimsjoachim.schmid at bea.debeck et al. projects GmbHCreator


Kay Kr├╝ger-Barvelskaykkay.krueger-barvels at bea.debeck et al. projects GmbHDeveloper

Marcus Adlwartmarcusamarcus.adlwart at bea.debeck et al. projects GmbHDeveloper



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