CS:GO Settings

Settings in CS:GO is a fundamental element of a comfortable game. Every player adjusts the game before entering the server or matchmaking. Settings will not only help make the game easier, but also have a positive impact on the results. After all, agree, it is uncomfortable to play with high sensitivity or braking. So it is extremely important to configure the client properly, not only in terms of mouse or fps settings, but also sound, keyboard and other parameters. If you decide to start your way in CS:GO, our guide will be most useful to you. You can also explore the website csgo.net.

CS:GO graphics and video settings

Once you start the game, it’s important to adjust the graphics and video settings. They provide processing speed, affect graphics performance, and adjust the fps.

  1. If you have high graphics settings that do not match the characteristics of iron, expect lag. It is to eliminate the lags used video settings in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  2. Each setting of graphics and video is selected individually, because everyone has different computers and their specifications. In this guide we offer settings for medium and low-power computers.

Start adjusting the video settings in the game itself. So, you should go into the image settings. Here, as you can see, it is proposed to set the desired brightness, format and resolution of your screen. By default, the game runs with the resolution of your computer. So you shouldn’t have any problems with this. You can also turn on the power saving mode, which will reduce the performance in the game.

General CS:GO settings

The settings of the game mean setting necessary parameters on the sight, the mini-map and team settings. Roughly speaking, it’s a setting of what you see and what you interact with in the game itself. Let’s understand in order what should be adjusted in these parameters and why. Try to set the parameters you feel comfortable with.

The first thing we recommend – turn off the tooltips in the game. In most cases it is a useless function that only disturbs. But it also has a small plus. When playing as a defender and knocking out a plant, the smoke can fall straight on the bomb. Activated hints will help you find the exact location of the bomb. But even without this feature you can easily find and disarm the bomb.

Next comes the setting of the maximum ping. With the setting you can specify allowable values. This will also affect the servers that will fall out in the search for games. Thus, there will be less chance of getting to a remote server where you will have a high ping, which will lead to many freezes. Ping is the quality of the connection. The lower it is, the higher the communication speed between the server and your computer. The location of Steam notifications and the time format are not that important. But the developer’s console is worth including. 

It is easier to configure the scope on special maps, available from the workshop. We recommend crashz’ Crosshair, where it is convenient to configure not only an individual sight, but also to choose the sights of professional cyber-sportsmen. After that we recommend setting the general interface settings. Here, as they say, everything is at your discretion. We recommend putting a tab with a mini-table style on the number of players.

Important sides of the game settings will also be:

  • Switch to raised weapons (We recommend opting out).
  • Open the shopping menu with the action button (Better to disable).
  • Radar settings. Here everything is individual. Some people like large scale, and some like small scale. Some people like static, and others – on the contrary. 

You can also explore some of the answers here https://csgo.net/faq.