Instagram Account Marketing

You can launch your advertising in Instagram in two ways: via mobile application or in Facebook advertising cabinet. Targeted advertising in Instagram implies a search for TA by such signs as:

  • gender;
  • age;
  • country;
  • region;
  • city.

If your account has a linked Facebook page, the list of settings for targeting is greatly expanded! This also applies to finding your target audience – if user accounts are linked to a Facebook page, you can use their interests and behavior for segmentation. You can find more useful tips at

Additional tools for customizing the advertising of your Instagram

Instagram Marketing Partner, AiTarget Company, provides unique access to Marketing API. When logging in via Facebook, the service offers you to configure your target audience with additional parameters such as:

  • interests;
  • operating system;
  • travel frequency;
  • audience to be excluded from targeting;
  • mobile platform selection;
  • family status;
  • preferences, etc.

You can also use AiTarget:

  • Define the purpose of the advertising campaign, set up the CA;
  • Choose an ad format: one photo, picture or video carousel;
  • Moderate comments to ads on Instagram.

The next useful tool is Facebook Auto Splitting. It allows you to set up A/B testing or automatically create multiple adsets.

How to intelligently organize mutual PR

Shoutout for shoutout or SFS is one of the free ways to promote accounts, which is that accounts PR each other. The scheme of free exchange of advertising posts is simple:

  1. The account at a certain time lays out an advertising post / story in its profile and marks the partner.
  2. In return, the partner writes the same flattery and courtesy about him.
  3. There is another kind of PR – popular bloggers often use such promotions for their unknown subscribers. It’s a kind of charity for strangers.


  • Make the agreement on reposting and advertising posts/stories as transparent as possible, and preliminarily stipulate all the details of the mutual placement.
  • Do not rush to agree to SFS. You may lose the loyalty of your subscribers by cooperating with dubious accounts.
  • Check your partner for cheat, otherwise you risk being left without new subscribers. You should not collaborate with untrustworthy partners, even if they have thousands of subscribers. The number of live subscribers of a potential partner is more profitable for you than their number. Check the comments for adequacy before you draw conclusions.
  • Accounts from one area will work better – the CA of a stylist and hairdresser is the same. Same thing: athletes and a sports nutrition store, for example.
  • When placing advertising posts, make sure you notify your sfs partner of the desired publication time.

What do you need to know about working with bloggers and publics?

Sowing ads is easy: choose celebrities in Instagram, offer them to place their ads for a fee. Before you do that, make sure your CA is similar. Check the quality of the blogger’s subscribers – study the blogger’s profile in any Instagram statistics service yourself: the quality and number of comments to posts, the likes of posts. By the way, you can buy viewings for video posts in Instagram long ago, but not for live broadcasts! Ask the blogger for statistics on weekly coverage and growth of follow-overs.

Also ask the blogger for screenshots of statistics by city, gender and age of subscribers. Keep in mind that some people may cheat and show you annual coverage. Ask for weekly coverage. Make sure that the screenshot shows the avatar of the blogger you came to. In statistics, ask for percentages (by geo and gender) for you.