Building a Project with Maven

This document centre is for those that have the source code to a project that builds with Maven, and would like to know how to use Maven to build it (or perform other common tasks).

The documents here are also helpful to new Maven users.

  • Download Maven – Download the latest version of Maven
  • Quick Start – Get started building the project quickly
  • Cookbook – Examples of how to perform other common tasks on a Maven-built project
  • Use Maven – Learn how to use Maven on your own project

Configuring Maven

Maven will run with sensible defaults, so you can get right into it. However, if you are operating under a restricted environment or behind a firewall, you might need to prepare to run Maven, as it requires write access to the home directory (~/.m2 on Unix/Mac OS X and C:\Documents and Settings\username\.m2 on Windows) and network access to download binary dependencies.

  • Configuring Maven
  • Configuring a HTTP Proxy