How to cheat the smart Instagram feed and increase your reach

Instagram now has a smart feed that makes its own decisions about showing your content to followers. Just don’t think that it’s only the ill-fated smart feed that’s supposedly trying to undo your hard work and efforts that’s causing your reach to drop.

Alas, other factors beyond the control of algorithms also have an impact on the decrease in feedback. Even if you have decided to buy instagram followers and used an unreliable service, it can affect the result.

  1. Followers are hard to surprise. The amount of content on the social network is growing rapidly, so a beautiful photo and a profound quote are not enough. If before photos of kitties collected tons of likes, now you have to work to amaze the sophisticated audience with something original.
  2. It used to be easier to get coverage. Before 2016, even a photo of scrambled eggs posted during prime time, when half the city was driving to work and hanging out on their phones, could hit the feed and garner a response, but now everything has changed. Now it is much more difficult to reach your target audience, because subscribers will see quality content first, and then, if they are lucky, your eggs.
  3. Advertising. After the introduction of the smart feed, bloggers and commercial pages started posting a lot of ads. Whether users want it or not, even if they just scroll through it, they’re wasting time they may have spent looking at your publication.
  4. If you are past the stage of denial and have accepted the fact that the algorithmic feed, unfortunately, is not going anywhere, it is time to move to the offensive phase and change something in your strategy in order to attract the attention of subscribers. By increasing engagement, you will automatically move up to the top of the feed and start to be featured in it more often.
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How do you do it? Catch some effective tips.

Work on the quality of your content

It’s not just about an attractive picture, it’s also about content. Publish quality photos that you want to look at. Travel bloggers are the easiest in this regard, because they have the ability to post incredible landscapes and undiscovered locations. Despite the fact that the majority of Instagram users believe that the likes are just to amuse their self-esteem, this is not quite true. Comments and coveted hearts allow you to placate your algorithm feed and get more coverage. Try to surprise subscribers with posts on relevant and provocative topics. Open-ended questions at the end of the text are a great way to get your audience talking and get feedback in the form of comments.

More video

Yes, photos and videos work the same way, but the advantage of video content is that it plays automatically, which means it’s guaranteed to grab people’s attention and make them stop while watching the video. You don’t have to pull out a tripod, set up the lights, and shoot something brilliant to satisfy the aesthetic needs of your followers. Just a little live video or a flickering boomerang is enough.

If you’ve managed to rack up 5k instagram followers, you should seriously consider engaging your audience. If you are willing to work on improving the project, you can get great results.