Premature ejaculation: solving the problem

If you have problems with sexual function, you should visit Consider the main causes of premature ejaculation and treatment methods for this problem in men. There are several reasons for premature ejaculation:

  • little experience of sexual intercourse;
  • psychological problems and wrong attitudes about the naturalness of sexual relations;
  • long abstinence due to the absence of a sexual partner;
  • injuries, chronic diseases, bad habits, fatigue;
  • fear of failure during sexual intercourse, hypersensitivity of the genitals, inflammatory, infectious diseases such as prostatitis, vesiculitis, etc., hormonal problems;
  • fear of a partner’s negative assessment of their abilities, insomnia, unsuitable environment;
  • pelvic congestion due to sedentary lifestyle, improper breathing during intercourse;
  • very young age;
  • psychological trauma due to rushing into situations where there was a fear of being caught while engaging in masturbation at an early age;
  • unfavorable indoor climate (too cold), an unfamiliar partner or negativity in the relationship.

What tests should be done to diagnose this problem?

First, take tests for infectious diseases. Secondly, undergo an ultrasound examination for the presence of hypertrophy of the seminal tubercle. If such a problem is detected, an urethroscopy should be performed and subsequently an operation to cauterize it. What specialist should you go to? It is a urologist and a sexopathologist. To date, there are several exercises and ways to combat premature ejaculation.

A method developed by the American gynecologist Kegel to tighten the secret muscle. By tensing this muscle you can make your penis move. Detecting this muscle is quite easy. It manifests itself in the case, for example, when you abruptly interrupt urination when someone unexpectedly opens the toilet door. The proper work of this muscle can also be assessed by throwing a light towel or a handkerchief over your penis in the state of erection. If when you tense this muscle you manage to put your penis in motion, then there is nothing to worry about.

Also, an effective exercise is the stimulation of the so-called point of a million gold coins. According to legend, this is how many coins the Chinese philosopher received from his student for information about the location of this point. Today, this secret is known to many. The point can be found by moving the finger from the genitals to the anus. A little bit before reaching it, you can find a small depression. This is the cherished point. When, during intercourse, you feel the approach of premature ejaculation, actively stimulate this point. And if you combine this exercise with tightening the Kegel muscle, the positive effect will increase.

These methods will help you gradually improve the situation, but if you want to get quick results, you should use specialized medication. You can buy such medications at This will help you to solve your problems with sexual function.